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The Benefits of Real Estate Video

Real estate photos have existed for years. They look gorgeous on shiny pamphlets and are great to post online. A newer trend is real estate videos. While more time-consuming to create, they can really help a client decide if the home they are looking at is really their dream home.

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A video shows an inside look at the layout of the house in a way that photos can’t. Videos also help future homebuyers get a feel for the movement of the house. This is very beneficially for someone who may be making a long distance move and may not be able to take the time to look at 15 different houses.



Real estate videos can range in time from a quick 30 seconds walk through to a 10-minute-long detailed video showing off the entire house and the surrounding area. The ability for different lengths can help you, as a realtor, figure out what is the best fit for each particular house.



There is nothing wrong with choosing to just use real estate photos, but take some time to think about how real estate video could help out your business.